Lloyd Instruments

LRX Series Materials Testing Machine

The LRX single column, bench mounted materials testing system provides a complete solution for testing applications with capacities up to 2.5kN (550 lbf). Tension and compression testing with cycling to load and extension limits are standard features. Load and extension are displayed on a highly legible LCD display console, selectable in a variety of units. Multi-lingual instructions are displayed in a sequential menu driven format, allowing test set-up and operation to be achieved rapidly and efficiently. The extension measurement system uses a digital encoder to achieve high resolution throughout its extension ranges.

The LRX can be further enhanced with Lloyd Instruments state of the art materials test and results analysis software NEXYGEN™ thanks to a supplied RS232 interface. The system is ideal for batch testing in production or routine quality control checks. Alternatively, it can be configured as a sophisticated research grade machine incorporating multi-stage testing for product development and complex research applications.

  • Simple to set-up, operate and maintain
  • High accuracy load measurement
  • Rapid data aquisition
  • Continuous cycling between extension and load limits
  • Extension resolution better than 5 microns
  • Multi lingual, Multi unit display options
  • Full PC integration
  • Wide selection of load cells, grips, jigs and accessories


Force Range: 2.5kN (550 lbf)
Crosshead Speed:  0.1 to 1020 mm/min0.005 to 40 inches/min
Speed Accuracy:  < 0.2%
Stroke (LRX) 1 to 750 mm 0.04 to 30 inches 1 to 1500 mm
Stroke (LRX-E) 1 to 1500 mm 0.04 to 60 inches
Load Resolution: < 0.005% of load cell used (max)
Extension Resolution: < 5 microns
Data Sampling Rate: 40Hz
Extensometer Inputs:  +10V dc analogue input (optional)Digital - RS232
Data Outputs: Digital - RS232 Analogue - 10Vdc max
Measuring System: Exceeds the requirements of BS EN ISO7500:1999. Class 0.5, ASTM E4, DIN 51221.
Analysis Software: NEXYGEN™ Data Analysis Software (optional)
Supply Voltage: 115/230Vac ± 10% 50 - 60Hz
Weight: 54kg (119lb)
Operating Temp: 5° to 35°C (40°F to 95°F)
Warranty: 1 year
Model Part No. Description
LRX 01/2005 Single Column, Bench mounted Materials Testing System
LRX-E 01/2112 Extended model
LRXCC 01/2753 Compression cage model