G1058 Universal Cap Grip

This unique grip is designed to effectively secure samples for torque and pull tests. Typical applications include bottle cap torque testing, lid pull-off testing, and other tests. A matrix of threaded holes allows the serrated steel posts to be placed in positions specific to the test sample, with a broad diameter range of 0.2 - 3.5 in (5.1 - 89.0 mm).

For torque applications, this grip can be used either manually with an STJ torque sensor or MGT torque gauge, or in test stand controlled applications. A typical torque test stand-based application will also typically require our G1023 bottle grip. For force applications, the grip can be mounted to a force gauge or test stand.



The grip has a hex tail with internal thread to permit use in a chuck or for mounting to a force gauge or force test stand. An optional adapter is available to more securely mount the G1058 grip to the base of a force test stand.

Capacity Weight lb [kg] A B C ØMIN-ØMAX
100 lbin [11.3 Nm] or50 lb [250 N] 0.75 [0.34] 0.9 [22.9] 3.8 [96.5] 3.2 [81.3] 0.20 - 3.50[5.1 - 89.0]
Model Description US Price
G1058 Universal cap grip $395.00
G1055 Adapter, G1058 to force test stand $50.00