Spring Loaded Tension Grip

Lightweight, spring loaded, rubber faced clamp grips for very light loads. Ideal for paper, thin plastic film, foils, etc.

5 N, 1.12 lbf

Includes upper and lower grip.

Lightweight grip for tensile testing of paper, thin plastic film and foils, etc by stretching the sample to fracture and recording the relationship between force and extension.


Maximum Capacity 5 N 1.12 lbf
Minimum Loadcell 5 N 1.12 lbf
Maximum Sample Width 25 mm 0.98 in
Maximum Sample Thickness 2 mm 0.08 in
Eye End Diameter 15.85 mm 5/8 in
Weight Each 0.1 Kg 0.2 lb
Length Each 100 mm 3.94 in
Temperature Limits Ambient  
Model Part No. Description
TG33 01/1052 Spring Loaded Tension Grip - 5 N (1.12 lbf)