TG136 Shouldered Grip for Tension Tests on Adhesives

Shouldered grips to hold sample “dollys” between two base plates located in self centering ‘T’ slots. Supplied with 5 pairs of adhesive plates 50 x 50 mm.


Maximum Capacity 5 kN 22481 lbf
Minimum Load Cell 500 N 112 lbf
Max Sample Area 50 mm 1.97 in
Eye End Diameter 15.85 mm 0.62 in
Weight Each 5.75 Kg 12.7 lb
Temperature Limits Ambient

Determining the adhesion of adhesives, sealants and mastics by measuring the minimum tensile stress necessary to detatch or to rupture the coating. Designed to meet ISO 4624-1978 and BS3900:Part E10:1979 (pull off test for adhesion).