TCD WEDGE Communication Software

The CHATILLON® TCD WEDGE communication software supports serial data communications between your Chatillon TCD System and your Microsoft® Windows®-based personal computer. Measurement data is sent from your TCD Console over an RS-232 serial connection to a Microsoft Excel® file on your personal computer. The data can then be edited, saved on your computer, and printed.

The TCD WEDGE software includes the RS-232 serial communications cable required for use with your TCD Console.

Two other versions of TCD WEDGE software are available for Chatillon LTCM Systems and Chatillon DF Series force gauges. Each of these other versions have a unique RS232 cable that mates to either the LTCM100 or LTCM500 or to a DF Series force gauge with RS232 outputs.

  • Automatic Communication Setup
  • Automatic Microsoft® Excel® File Generation
  • Automatic Language Selection
    - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
  • Time & Date Stamped Data
  • Electronic File or Printed Reports of Measurement Data
  • Three Kits with RS232 Cable Included
    - TCD WEDGE for TCD Systems
    - TCD WEDGE for LTCM Systems
    - TCD WEDGE for DF Gauges

TCD WEDGE Application Software Kits

Part No. Description
NC003164-T TCD WEDGE for TCD Systems
NC003164-L TCD WEDGE for LTCM Systems
NC003164-D TCD WEDGE for DF Gauges

TCD WEDGE RS232 Cables

Part No. Description
NC003117 TCD Console to PC                  
NC000875 LTCM Tester to PC
NC000850-1 DF Gauge to PC