Nexygen TCD Software Force Measurement

NEXYGEN TCD software integrated directly to your CHATILLON testing system. The software helps you collect and analyze your force load results and extension/deflection data for a common set of pre-configured test setups. Like the other NEXYGEN products, NEXYGEN TCD software is easy to setup and operate. It features seamless OLE2 integration with WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, POWERPOINT and OUTLOOK so you can create detailed and comprehensive reports using common and familiar packages.

NEXYGEN TCD incorporates common navigational features to minimize training and help you get up and running easily and quickly. Standard operational features include “drag & drop”, cut, copy and paste, plus additional facilities including pull down menus, combo boxes, intelligent prompts, help functions, etc. Information is presented in a logical manner so the software is intuitive, even for the inexperienced user.

Pre-configured test setups are provided which you use to specify and select attributes for your particular test. Software consoles are provided that serve as your interface to the desired testing machine. Using NEXYGEN TCD software, you can control test stand operations remotely from your personal computer and collect and analyze your measurement results. NEXYGEN TCD software also simplifies the setup process by presenting the operator with only relevant parameters to configure. This eliminates confusion and gets you up and running faster with more confidence.

NEXYGEN TCD presents your results in tabular and graphical formats. Your graph can be specified with user-defined or default axes. You can display stress/strain curves and the slope line. You can zoom in on your trend line and include annotations to your results with markers associated with specific points on your trend line. You can even overlay one trend line from a test with another to make a graphical comparison of your curves. You can even e-mail your tabular results to a coworker. The coworker can view the tabular results and double-click onto the row data to display the associated graph.

  • Simple to Setup and Operate
  • Full Traceability of Results, Specimens and Test Parameters
  • Interfaces Directly to your CHATILLON® TCD or LFPLUS System
  • Seamless Integration with WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS
  • Tabular and Graphical Results
  • Advanced Data Compression Optimizes Accuracy and File Size
  • Reanalysis of Data with Full Accuracy
  • Direct Access to Current or Archived Data
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Mathematical Calculations including Common Statistics
  • ISO TickIT Certified
Order No. Description
NC002868 NEXYGEN TCD Software, Version 1.0