TCM201 Series Motorized Force Tester (225 lbf, 1000 N) - Obsolete

The TCM201 Series of motorized test stands offer customers an easy-to-operate motorized testing system that is precise enough for the laboratory and rugged enough for the production fl oor. Stands feature an all-metal construction with ball screw and dual support columns for positive motor control and minimal defl ection. Manually adjustable limits stop crosshead travel at precise user specifi ed locations. Rotary dials are easy to operate and allow the user to specify speed requirements and test mode. Dedicated function keys provide fast motion control adjustment (up, down, stop). Units operate in four modes: single cycle at upper limit, single cycle at lower limit, continuous cycling between limits, and manual. A selector switch is provided for specifying return speed after testing.


  • Easy to Use, Rugged Construction
  • Twin Rotary Dials and 3-Button Keypad for Simple Operation
  • Precision Ball Screw Drive Mechanism
  • Four Mode Cycling
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Adjustable High and Low Limits
  • Maintenance-free Design
  • 2 Year Warranty

Capacity: 225 lbf (1000 N)
Note: Higher speed testers derated to 112 lbf (500 N)
Crosshead Speed: Model Dependent
Speed Accuracy: +5% Full Scale
Travel: Approximately 18-inches (457 mm)
Load Measuring: Chatillon Force Gauge
Supply Voltage: 115Vdc or 220Vdc
Operating Temp: 40Ο to 95ΟF (5Ο to 35ΟC)
Weight: Approx. 22 lbs (10 kg)
Warranty: 1 year
Order No. Description
SPK-DG-TCM-TCD DG Series Gauge Adapter
NC000985 DFM Gauge Adapter
NC000300 DFGS-R, DFA-R, DF-R Gauge Adapter
ENC0125 Gauge Interface Cable, 9-Pin
ENC0157 Mitutoyo 10 Pin Cable
NC000477 Personal Computer Interface Cable
40/0739 Nexygen Gauge Software (Use with Chatillon Gauge)