MT150 Series Mechanical Tester

The MT150 Series mechanical test stand is an easy-to-use solution for force measurement applications up to 150 lbf (660N) capacities. The test stand may be equipped with a quick-action lever or precision handwheel for controlling crosshead speed and travel. The MT150 test stand can be bench mounted, wall mounted or positioned horizontally. Vertical clearances are available from 750mm (29.5 inch) up to 1500mm (60 inch). Standard stroke is 6 inches (150 mm), although longer strokes can be accommodated as a special order.

The MT150 Series features an innovative design that maximizes working space and simplifies operation and maintenance. The single column design with 150mm (6 in) throat is ideal for large specimens. The removable platen is designed to accommodate metric and imperial threaded fixtures. Special gauge adapter make gauge alignment automatic. Options include a digital travel indicator, capable of displaying travel up to 0.01mm (0.0005 inch) and column ruler which is graduated in millimeters and inches. The MT150 Series includes hook, compression plate, adapters and gauge mounting hardware.


  • Large Working Area
    - 150mm (6 in) Throat for Large Specimens
    - Universal Fixturing (Metric or Imperial)
    - 150mm (6 in) Full Crosshead Travel
  • Modular Design
    - Bench, Horizontal or Wall Mounted
    - Lever or Handwheel Operation
    - Multiple Travel Lengths
  • 2 Year Warranty


Capacity: 150 lbf (660 N)
Loading Method: Quick-Action Lever or Handwheel

75mm (3 in) per Revolution
12mm (0.5 in) per Revolution
Column Height:
750mm (29.5 inch)
1000mm (39.4 inch)
1500mm (59 inch)
Maximum Stroke: 150mm (6 in) *Longer Strokes available
Weight: Approx. 20 lbs (9 kg)
Order No. Description
SPK-MT-Digital Digital Travel Indicator (May be ordered as part of stand)
SPK-MT-Ruler Ruler Assembly (May be ordered as part of stand)
SPK-MT-0001 Gauge Mounting Kit, LG, DF, DFGS, DFA Force Gauges
SPK-MT-0002 Gauge Mounting Kit, DPPH, DFIS Force Gauges
SPK-MT-0003 Gauge Mounting Kit, DFM Force Gauge
SPK-MT-0004 Gauge Mounting Kit, DFT Force Gauge
SPK-MT-0005 Gauge Mounting Kit, DG Force Gauge
SPK-MT-REMOTE Gauge Mounting Kit, REMOTE Series Loadcells
SPK-MT-Wall-Horz Wall/Horizontal Mounting Kit Assembly
SPK-MT-L150 Lever Actuator Assembly Module
SPK-MT-H150 Handwheel Actuator Assembly Module