DPP Series Mechanical Force Gauge (Obsolete) See DG Series

CHATILLON® ergonomically designed push & pull gauges are ideal for a wide range of force testing applications. The rugged, cast aluminum housing fits naturally in the hand for a comfortable and firm grip even at maximum loads. Gauges may be mounted to a test stand for even greater control and consistent results in repetitive testing applications.

Easy to read concentric dial measures clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the direction of force. Because of the push & pull operation, either end of the gauge may be used for tension or compression. Dial rotates 360-degrees for taring. A maximum reading pointer captures peak readings and can be easily and quickly returned to zero. A mechanical overload feature protects the gauge from damage. Available in oz, lb, g or N units of measure.

DPP Series gauges come complete with protective carrying case and a set of stainless steel attachments.


  • Easy to Use, Rugged Construction
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Capacities Up to 50 lbs (25 kg, 250 N)
  • True Push & Pull (Not Push or Pull) for Safe Operation
  • Tare Ring
  • Real Time and Peak Mode


Accuracy: +1% of Full Scale
Display: 1-3/4 inch (45 mm)
Real/Peak Mode: Selectable
Overload Capacity: 110% of capacity
Warranty: 2 Years
Adapters Capacity Part No.
Chisel Point, #10-32 50 lbf (225 N) SPK-FMG-008A
Point Adapter, #10-32 50 lbf (225 N) SPK-FMG-009A
Notch Adapter, #10-32 50 lbf (225 N) SPK-FMG-010A
Flat Adapter, #10-32 50 lbf (225 N) SPK-FMG-011A
Hook, #10-32 50 lbf (225 N) SPK-FMG-012A
Hook, Swivel, #10-32 20 lbf (112 N) ML3867
Hook, Swivel, #10-32 100 lbf (500 N) ML3850
Extension Rod, #10-32   SPK-FMG-013A