LTCM-100 Series Low Capacity Motorized Tester

The CHATILLON® LTCM-100 Series is an economical, motorized tester ideal for production environments, research & development laboratories and quality functions. The LTCM-100 may be used for tensile, compression, peel, and flexural testing when combined with a Chatillon DF Series force gauge. A large working area and 5-inch (130mm) throat is perfect for large sample testing. The platform features pre-drilled holes for custom fixturing or for use with Chatillon fixtures. The crosshead travel is selectable in either inches per minute or millimeters per minute. The speed range is 0.2 to 20 inches/min (5 to 500 mm/min). A dial is used to set the speed requirement and a digital display indicates the speed selected to 0.1 resolution. Crosshead travel is 15 inches (380mm). An Up and Down switch is used to control crosshead travel direction. A simple switch setting can be used to reverse crosshead speed direction at maximum speed at the completion of a test. An emergency stop is located on the console for easy access. Mechanical limits may be set to stop crosshead travel at a specified position. Rules are provided on the front face and crosshead face of the column for accurate placement and for measuring extension. Positive braking ensures a precise stop.


  •  Tensile, Compressive, Peel & Flexural Testing
  •  Compact, Benchtop Design
  •  Simple Operation with Intuitive Controls
    - Crosshead Direction
    - Return Speed
    - Speed Selection
    - Emergency Stop
    - On/Off
  •  Mechanical Limits & Positive Braking
  •  Large Working Area and Throat for Large Samples
  •  Selectable Display with Digital Speed Readout
    - Inches per Minute
    - Millimeters per Minute
  •  2 Year Warranty


Capacity: 110 lbf (500N)
Crosshead Speed: 0.2 to 20 in/min (5 to 500 mm/min)
Speed Accuracy: ±3% at Full Capacity
Travel: 15-inches (380mm)
Load Measurement: Chatillon Force Gauge
Supply Voltage: 110/230Vdc
Operating Temperature: 40°F to 110°F (5°C to 45°C)
Weight: 39 lbs (17.7 kg) approx.
Model Capacity Description
LTCM-100 110 lbf (500N) LTCM-100, 115/230Vac, US Plug
LTCM-100-EU 110 lbf (500N) LTCM-100, 115/230Vac, EU Plug
LTCM-100-UK 110 lbf (500N) LTCM-100, 115/230Vac, UK Plug