HCP Series High Capacity Compression Test Machines

High-Capacity Compressive Force Testing System
The HCP series is designed to economically measure the maximum compressive force required to cause a sample to rupture or burst.

Testing with the HCP is simple: the operator inserts a sample into the testing space, closes the safety shield, and then actuates the lever to generate force between the platens. The digital indicator can scroll between real-time and peak compressive force and can display force in units of lbf, kgf, or N.

HCP systems utilize an integrated low profile load sensor paired to a digital indicator to accurately capture force measurements with high resolution. Systems come with an ISO17025 Accredited calibration certificate that includes full data and NIST traceability.


Part Number Capacity (lbf) Resolution (lbf) Accuracy (lbf)
HCP-010 2200 0.1 ±2
HCP-020 4400 0.2 ±4
HCP-030 6600 0.5 ±6
HCP-050 11000 0.5 ±10
HCP-100 22000 1 ±25
HCP-200 44000 2 ±50
Accessory (for load sensor) Diameter (in) Price
Domed Load Button 1.5 $45
Flat Circular Compression Plate 2.3 $150
3.9 $250
4.7 $300
6.3 $500