Eye End Adapters

AMETEK supplies a variety of thread eye adapters and anchor pins for connecting testing fixtures to your force gauge, load cell sensor and force tester. These adapters are used with fixtures that attached to your instrumentation with a grip pin and locking rings. They have no threads for connecting to a device.

Eye end adapters, also known as anchor pins, will typically have a 5/8” diameter (15.9mm) or 1-14” (31.8mm) diameter. These accessories are generally made of aluminum (low force applications) or stainless steel.

Load Cell Eye End Adpters

NC003139 #10 - 32M thread, with 5/8" eye-end, aluminum
NC003137 5/16-18M thread, with 5/8" eye end, stainless steel
NC003138 1/2- 20M thread, with 5/8" eye end, stainless steel

Locking Rings 

NC003140 3/4-16 thread, aluminum
NC003131 M24 thread, stainless steel

Grip Pins

NC003141 Grip pin, 2.7" x 0.5", aluminum
NC000612 Grip pin, 78.5mm x 12mm, steel

Spanner Wrench

NC003030 Spanner wrench, used for tightening locking rings to testing fixtures