Series MK Ergonomics Testing Kit - Discontinued/Replaced by EK-3

These kits make job task analysis and ergonomic testing analysis simple and accurate, ideal for ADA compliance, workplace design, and ergonomic studies. These kits present the ergonomist and other professionals with a simple and economical testing solution. The kits are available in capacities of 200 lbF and 500 lbF.

  • Digital force gauge Series MG
    Test up to 500 lb of force with ±0.5% accuracy

    Compact design

    Measures approximately 2.5 x 4.0 x 1.5 in
    Selectable units of measurement

    Measure in lbF, kgF, or N
    Peak force capture

    Capture peak readings for compressive and tensile forces
    Rugged aluminum housing

    Durable construction ensures longevity
    Battery or AC operation

    NIST-traceable certifi cate of calibration

    User’s manual

  • Double- and single-handle cradles
    Contain non-slip rubber handles for good grip and consistent test results.

  • Padded attachments
    Flat, curved, and square padded attachments mount directlyto the force gauge for conducting musculoskeletal strength analysis.

  • Implements
    Rugged hook and flat adapter attach directly to the force gauge for conducting job task analysis and ergonomic analysis in push, pull, and lift forces.
Model No. Description
MK200 Ergonomics testing kit, 200 lbF capacity
MK500 Ergonomics testing kit, 500 lbF capacity