FCE Series Digital Functional Capacity Evaluator (Obsolete) See DFEII

The CHATILLON® FCE Series is ideal for functional capacity evaluations. This compact, easy-to-use force gauge is designed for physical medicine, occupational medicine and sports medicine applications and general patient assessment in family, neurological and orthopedic practices. Simplicity was a key design criteria for both clinicians and technicians. Measurement accuracy is better  than 0.25% full scale. A large, easy-to-read, high resolution dot matrix LCD display supports a variety of measurements including functional capacity based on a force or a time duration. The gauge also displays normal and peak readings, pass/fail results and statistics based on up to 10 stored results. Measurements are displayed in ozf, gf, lbf, kgf and N units. The display can be inverted and displayed results may be “hidden” from the patient during testing. The FCE gauge comes standard with carrying case, battery adapter/charger and NIST Certificate of Calibration with data. A variety of testing fixtures are optionally available. The FCE has  been designated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be a Class II Medical Device.

  • FDA Class II Medical Device
  • Advanced Operating Modes
       - Functional Capacity
       - Force-Based
       - Time Duration-Based
       - Normal
       - Peak Strength
       - Strength Limits
       - Pass-Fail Limits
  • Statistical Calculations
       - Mean with Maximum and Minimum Values
       - Coefficient of Variation with Mean and Standard
       - Standard Deviation with Variance and Mean
       - % Differentiation
  • Integral Loadcells
       - Accuracy +0.25% Full Scale
       - Mechanical Overload Protection to 150%
         Full Scale
  • Simple Operator Interface
       - High Resolution Dot-Matrix
       - Menus with Prompts for Easy Use
       - Dedicated and Function Keys with Navigation Pod
  • NIST Calibration with Data
       - Available IEC/ISO17025 Cert with Uncertainty
  • 2 Year Warranty

Functional Capacity Evaluator

Model lbf kgf   N
FCE-200 200 x0.2 100 x 0.1 1000 x 1
FCE-500 500x0.5 250 x 0.2 2500 x 2

Functional Capacity Kits

Model lbf kgf   N
K-FCE-200 200x0.2 100 x 0.1 1000 x 1
K-FCE-500 500 x0.5 250 x 0.2 2500 x 2