DFGS R ND SERIES-Digital Force Gauge

The CHATILLON® DFGS-R-ND Seriescomes without a loadcell. Instead, you specify one or many different REMOTE Series loadcells to use with the gauge. These loadcells simply “plug-in” to the gauge body, allowing your gauge to have a capacity from 2lbf (10 N) to 10,000 lbf (50 kN). One gauge does it all. When combined with a REMOTE Series loadcell, the DFGS-R-ND has a measurement accuracy of +0.3% of full scale +LSC. The gauge features RS232 serial data and MITUTOYO communications and a sampling rate of 5000 Hz. Other features include programmable high/low limits, pushbutton calibration and an analogue output for graphing your force curve. Gauge is ideal for hand-held or test stand applications. Gauge comes with accessories, carrying case and battery charger.


  • Non-dedicated Interchangeable Remote Loadcell
    - Up to 10,000 lbf (50 kN)
  • Simple Pushbutton Operation
  • Rugged All-Metal Housing
  • 5000Hz Sampling Rate
  • RS232 Serial Data Communications
  • Overload Capacity - 110% of Rated Capacity
  • Hand-held or Test Stand Applications


Accuracy: ±0.3% of Full Scale +1 LSC
Selectable Units: lb, kg, N
Overload Capacity: 110% of rated capacity
Display: LCD, 4-1/2 characters
Sampling: 5000Hz
Outputs: RS232. Mitutoyo, 12-Pin Hirose
Power: AC Adapter, NiCd Battery Pack
Accessories: Carrying Case, Attachments and Battery Charger
Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)
Warranty: 1 Years

Remote Non-Dedicated Loadcell Models

Model Capacity

Add “-220V” after the model number if you require 220V operation, e.g. DFGS-R-ND-220V

REMOTE Loadcell Models

Model Capacities
REMOTE-2 2 lbf 1 kgf 10 N
REMOTE-10 10 lbf 5 kgf 50 N
REMOTE-50 50 lbf 20 kgf 200 N
REMOTE-100 100 lbf 50 kgf 500 N
REMOTE-200 200 lbf 100 kgf 1 kN
REMOTE-500 500 lbf 200 kgf 2 kN
REMOTE-1000 1000 lbf 500 kgf 5 kN
REMOTE-2000 2000 lbf 1000 kgf 10 kN
REMOTE-5000 5000 lbf 2000 kgf 20 kN
REMOTE-10000 10000 lbf 5000 kgf 50 kN