GF-2 Clevis Grip for Tension Springs

The model GF-2 Clevis Grips come in pairs and have a concave diameter that centers the specimen and secures the pins while under load. The throat clearance with the pin installed is 13 mm (1/2 in) at the centerline.


Maximum Capacity  2.5 kN 500 lbf
Maximum Specimen  9.5 mm 3/8 in
Throat Clearance  9.0 mm 3/8 in
Combined Grip Length  92 mm 3.6 in
Upper Grip Weight  0.11 Kg 0.24 lb


Tensile testing of springs and odd parts, etc. By straining a sample, and recording the relationship between force and extension, for the purpose of determining one or more of the following mechanical properties:

Elongation Maximum Force
Percentage elongation Stress 
Extension Tensile Strength
Percentage yield point extension Yield Stress
Percentage reduction of area Proof Stress